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When participating in the student blogging challenge I have come to the conclusion that the challenge has improved my skills.  I have learned many new things that I couldn’t have learned without the experience of the student blogging challenge.  I think that we should continue the challenge for other students to come to sixth grade.  It would give them fun ideas and new ways to express themselves with the helpful ideas that the challenge suggests.  I learned how to leave a comment and I learned so well from the challenge that I taught others who weren’t participating from all around the world.  I learned how to work a blog.  I never had a blog before and the challenge gave me a good guidance to start the fun that they brought up later on throughout the weeks.

There was one part of the challenge that I didn’t enjoy, which was I didn’t like that they said you had to put widgets on because that distracts viewers from looking at the thoughtful work you did.  It distracts them from the writing that you did or the art that you shared.  Other than that I really enjoyed the blogging challenge and I think that we should continue it next time.  I learned so many new skills and I have improved on my writing while having a great experience and having fun.

The Final Challenge: Time to Evaluate

Questions and Answers:

-Question- How many posts did you write?

-Answer- I have created 18 posts.

-Question- How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

-Answer- All of my posts were either school based, my own interests or set by the challenge.

-Question- How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

-Answer- I have received 19 comments from classmates, teachers, and overseas students.

-Question- Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

-Answer- I received the most comments on my post on my book report of the hunger games story.  I think I got the most comments on this post that I created because a lot of people are into the hunger games series and it is a pretty popular book topic.

-Question- Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

-Answer- I enjoyed most writing the post of my perfect job.  That one got the second most votes.  That was my favorite because even as a kid I could tell others what I am interested now and could become that when I am older.  I think that it has a really good connection to my life later on and shows that I have a plan for my future as a kid.

-Question- Did you change blog themes at all and why?

-Answer- Yes, I decided soon enough that I would change the theme of my blog because my other one was boring and didn’t hold the specific picture that i wanted to put at the top of my bl0g.

-Question- How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

-Answer- I only have one widget on my blog.  I think that widgets take away the writing that is on your blog and people only go one people’s blog sometimes just for the widgets.  However, I think that I have too little because if I have a widget it might drag the attention of others who will visit my blog later on.

-Question- How many overseas students do you have on your blog roll?

-Answer- I have no overseas bloggers on my blog roll. I don’t because I have made a whole post of the students that I enjoyed for their writing and their blogs.  That is the only reason why I don’t have any overseas bloggers on my blog roll.

Questions with my classmate Colum:

Lily- What were your first impressions of this blog?

Colum- Your blog is clean and organized.

Lily- What captured your attention?

Colum- Your history post on Phidias and Homer and your week nine challenge.

Lily- What distracted you on the blog?

Colum- Nothing distracted me on your blog.

Lily- What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

Colum- Remove default introductions from the blogging introduction.


Week 9 Challenge

I am participating in the Student Challenge and for our Week 9 Challenge we are supposed to go around and follow steps that are on the sites that I made a link to up above.  Here are a few blogs of other people that are also participating in the Student Blogging Challenges.  I left them some comments and you should check out their blogs too.











I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s blogs they are very interesting to look at and all of the different posts and pages.  I loved seeing all of the great writing and the different class and individual activities that everybody participates in.

The only thing that didn’t exactly like is very little and that is just that some people had spelling errors.  It kind of ruins some of people’s writing pieces.  They were all very good and very creative.  Great job to everybody and especially these 8 students that I randomly decided to check out.  They have really good writing and they have a lot of interesting activities with individual and group efforts.  You should check out their blogs, too.





Phidias and Homer

In our history class we are assigned important people from ancient Greece who changed the way we do things today. My group was assigned Phidias the architect and Homer the poet. This is a presentation that shows how they were important and what they did.

Argos Animoto

We are doing a project in our history class and this animo to is talking about the city-state that I was assigned with my group. The following people that are in my group you can check out their blogs: Olivia’s Blog, Carly’s Blog, and Kristin’s Blog. On this animoto video that I put together it shows some facts on Argos weather, location, and the embarrassment that lead them into the Persian War. This was my part of the project before we present.

What’s Your Dream Job?

Here are a few jobs that I thought are the most popular. I would like to see what job you are interested in? Please click on one of the circles to the left of the job then click vote. If you would like you can click view results and see what others have voted. This was a recommendation for the Student Challenge that I am present in. On the Week 6 Challenge. They gave us the challenge of stating our favorite job so that gave our class of Karen Kelly to do a survey for others who have a dream job.  Why don’t you give it a try!?!?

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How to leave a comment…

If you seem to be having trouble leaving a comment here are a few hints.  When you are leaving a comment you should tell the other person what you liked about their piece of writing.  If you wanted to know more about what they were writing you could ask a kindly written question.  If you liked their post or page then you can tell them that with specific detail.  Ex: I love what you have written I can tell that you put a lot of effort into it. I especially love the thought you put into your writing and your word choices are excellent!

That’s an example of a great start to a comment.  Also, a way to end a comment is shown bellow. Hope these were helpful tips to commenting on other people’s writing

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