Week 9 Challenge

I am participating in the Student Challenge and for our Week 9 Challenge we are supposed to go around and follow steps that are on the sites that I made a link to up above.  Here are a few blogs of other people that are also participating in the Student Blogging Challenges.  I left them some comments and you should check out their blogs too.











I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s blogs they are very interesting to look at and all of the different posts and pages.  I loved seeing all of the great writing and the different class and individual activities that everybody participates in.

The only thing that didn’t exactly like is very little and that is just that some people had spelling errors.  It kind of ruins some of people’s writing pieces.  They were all very good and very creative.  Great job to everybody and especially these 8 students that I randomly decided to check out.  They have really good writing and they have a lot of interesting activities with individual and group efforts.  You should check out their blogs, too.





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